B r i g h t o n B a p t i s t !

3 & 4 Year Old Programs

3YO Kindergarten Program 

The 3YO kindergarten program can be a child’s first time in a larger group environment.  For this reason, one of the main focuses of a three year old kindergarten program is the development and nurturing of children’s social skills. The program is very ‘hands on’.

The choices and experiences we provide are developed from our observations of the children in relation to their needs, abilities, their interests and understandings, from events occurring in the world around us, and most importantly information from families.

Our play based program allows children to practice and extend what they already know by sharing, talking, taking turns, exercising self – control and cooperating in groups. Children discover which social approaches work and which don’t, therefore learning how to maintain relationships.

Play also helps children develop a positive self image. When children feel confident they are happy to experiment with new materials and situations. They learn that it is okay when things don’t go to plan. 

4YO Kindergarten Program 

Our 4YO kindergarten program follows an emergent curriculum founded on learning through intentional and non intentional teaching based on  the child’s own interest.  We facilitate open-ended learning activities and experiences that children are free to explore at their own personal level, where they can think and express themselves creatively. Our objective is to focus on the ‘process’ the children go through to achieve a task, rather than the ‘end product’. We provide extended blocks of time for children to play and follow their ideas on a greater level. 

Our role is to guide, scaffold and support children’s learning and interests through open-ended questions, problem solving and inquiry. We continually evaluate children’s play to determine what it is the children are learning and then help shape and extend this. The choices and experiences we provide are developed from our observations of the children and their abilities, their interests and understandings.

At kindergarten, children will be encouraged to develop confidence, independence, self-awareness and a feeling of self-worth. They will become more aware of the world around them and have many opportunities to develop warm, caring relationships with other adults, as well as, friendships with other children. The best outcomes for children are achieved when kindergarten staff work in close partnership with parents.

Literacy, Numeracy and Perceptual Motor Development (PMP)

At Brighton Baptist, our educators believe there is need for intentional teaching within the 4YO program that specifically focusses on surrounds literacy, numeracy and motor skills development. Every year in Term 2, Brighton Baptist Kindergarten introduces a more formal literacy, numeracy and PMP program into our sessions every week.  Our focussed activities will relate to children’s interests at the time but relate to numeracy or literacy that everyone will participate in at the same time.  Our program will run for 1 hour and 30 mins each week where all children will be split into 3 groups.  Each group will participate in a literacy, numeracy and PMP (perceptual motor program) rotation for 30 minutes before moving on to the next activity.  

Numeracy and literacy concepts will continue to be extended on at different times through the rest of the week to ensure learning concepts are embedded and children gain the confidence and success of completing a task.  This will also be done during a structure programmed activity where children will not be allowed to engage in free play.

Out and About Program

Children at Brighton Baptist Kindergarten participate in  a regular outings program as part of their normal weekly program. Regular outings provide valuable opportunities for children to explore the wider community and extend the educational program that can not be achieved within the normal kindergarten setting.

Brighton Baptist Kindergarten’s regular outings will only involve walking activities within a two (2) kilometre distance from kindergarten and only to areas which have been thoroughly assessed by the kindergarten.